HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Jeremy Camron, alongside a Franklin County principal, was named a recipient of the seventh-annual David Karem Award for Excellence in Education Policy.

The Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) says Camron, the principal of Owensboro Day Treatment, was recognized for his role in passing legislation to expand the high school equivalency program to include youth in all district-operated alternative programs.

KDE says the bill the two recipients helped pass, House Bill (HB) 194, was adopted unanimously by both chambers of the legislature during the 2022 legislative session. HB 194 permits students who are age 17 and older who are being served in a district-operated alternative program and not on track to graduate, as defined by their local school board, with the opportunity to enroll in a district-operated high school equivalency program.

KBE says the Karem Award, which honors former KBE member and state legislator David Karem, is given annually to state policymakers, education leaders or citizens who have contributed to the improvement of education by serving on national commissions, task forces or other significant boards and organizations. Officials say recipients demonstrate outstanding leadership and have made an impact on education policy and the educational system. KBE says they also exhibit a commitment to work collaboratively with different stakeholders. Officials say to qualify for the award, recipients must have demonstrated leadership in policy development.

Cameron said, “This is a reflection of the collaboration of many to provide opportunities for students across the Commonwealth.”