DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) President Biden was in eastern Kentucky today, touring places devastated by the flooding. That visit comes nearly eight months after a similar visit to Dawson Springs in the days after the December 10th tornado.

He spoke on a part of Keighan Street in Dawson Springs after touring the tornado damage back in mid-December. and meeting tornado survivors. People who are able to rebuild here in this neighborhood say they remember that appearance and the difference it made.

“I’ll never forget that he came, stopped the sorrow for a little bit,” said Pat Bruce. Seeing the president in their town is one of several things she and her husband, Philip, will never forget. Work stopped when he walked through their neighborhood.

“Well, they told the insurance adjustor, said, ‘You have to leave’. He told them, ‘I am the insurance adjustor’. They said ‘It doesn’t matter. If you don’t own this property, you’ve got to leave,'” Philip said, recalling when an insurance adjustor was asked to leave before the president toured the area.

The Bruces met the president by their tornado damaged home, and they promised to cook him dinner next time he was in town. The meal hasn’t happened yet, but they have gotten some letters from the white house since then, and even a recipe.

“My wife promised him she’d cook him supper, and he sent her a recipe for sugar cookies, said he wanted to share them with them. Just last week, we got another letter from him to update the progress we were making,” Philip recalled.

The Bruces say the visit was a morale booster. They’re still rebuilding their home where it once stood, but they add the rebuilding for them and others has been nerve wracking at times. They add other nearby residents are rebuilding elsewhere. They hope his stop in eastern Kentucky can give those flood survivors comfort and start bringing them the help they need.

“If he helps just so many, it would help the morale more than anything. They’ve lost so many over there. Our heart just goes out to them completely,” Pat said.

The Bruces also say they don’t think their neighborhood or the town will ever be the same again because of the damage from the tornado, and the choices of some not rebuilding where they once lived.

(This story was originally published on August 8, 2022)