DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) On the road to recovery, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul returns to Dawson Springs for updates on the town’s recovery. It happens about six-and-a-half months after the December 10th tornado.

you see more and more houses starting to take shape on the north side of Dawson Springs. While some parts of the town’s rebuilding go on, other parts are seeing some delays.

“Things have kind of calmed down right now,” said Dawson Springs Mayor Chris Smiley.

Hopkins County Long-Term Recovery Committee officials say up to 25 homes are currently being rebuilt in town, including some by outside groups. Mayor Smiley says efforts to get public housing in town rebuilt aren’t going as fast. He’s talked with HUD officials about what he says is a lack of progress, with some residents still living elsewhere.

“We need a lot of things that hud can go ahead and start that could be done, but i don’t think they’ve been done,” he said.

“Sometimes, red tape is slow, so sometimes, banging the drum and trying to get through the red tape helps. So, we’ll try to work with the mayor and others here to see if we can get that red tape out of the way, so we can get those apartments rebuilt,” adds Sen. Paul.

He says FEMA’s still working with some residents on their rebuild, and other charities and groups are in talks to continue helping.

“We’re all hoping for the best, and i think it will,” said Rusty Akers, who is still working on rebuilding his parent’s home, and Landmark Apostolic Holistic Church, where he is pastor. He’s still waiting on some items, ranging from new windows at the home to a new church sign.

“Having patience is a virtue at this point, and you just have to understand it’s going to be a lengthy process getting things together. It’s not your normal circumstance,” he said.

Mayor Smiley adds the surveying of property, funded by the $1.2 million the town got earlier this month, is starting up, and any leftover money could be used to reimburse those who already surveyed their property.

(This story was originally published on June 28, 2022)