DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) – A Dawson Springs resident won over $116,000 on the Kentucky Lottery’s website playing the Celtic Coins Jackpot Instant Play game. The resident wishes to remain anonymous according to Jennifer Cunningham, Senior Communications Specialist – Winner Awareness for Kentucky Lottery.

The resident had been playing online games off and on for a while, but recently saw the story of a player in Madisonville who won $227,000 on the same game.

“I thought wow, that sounded like a good deal, so I started to play that game,” said the Dawson Springs resident as they told lottery officials.

The Dawson Springs winner was at home playing Celtic Coins on their computer on June 6th. While watching the animation for the game, they saw the fifth key come up and knew that they had won. The screen had the message, “Jackpot Winner!  $116,135.19.”

“I just sat there with my mouth open – did I really just do this?”, the winner said.  They took some photos of the screen just to make sure there was evidence of the win and went to Louisville on June 15 to claim their prize.

After taxes, they received $82,455.98.  They told lottery officials they have no big plans for the winnings and are putting their windfall in the bank for now.