DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) Nearly nine months after a tornado tore through Dawson Springs, claiming lives and destroying much of the community, we see evidence of life coming back.

Homes, and other buildings are going up, but other things still lagging.

If you walk down some streets like Oak Heights in Dawson Springs, you’ll notice some homes are going back up, while other lots where homes once were are still empty. Some residents say the recovery’s picked up after a slow start.

“Every day making progress is a good thing,” says Anita Black, who started rebuilding her home in late April. She says the recovery was a slow start for many around town.

“The delays and trying to work through the process of cleanup was wearing on you, i’ll be honest. Getting ready to start to rebuild took time,” she recalled. But it’s picked up in recent months.

“When you see improvements and changes occurring and people getting progress made on their homes, it’s encouraging,” she says.

Dawson Springs Mayor Chris Smiley says at least twenty homes are being built now, and Habitat for Humanity has plans to build more. All Source Logistics is rebuilding their warehouse on Industrial Park Drive. He also says the rebuilding of public housing, among rebuilding parts still taking time.

“One of our main problems is getting the housing authority back open because that’s most of the ones still out of home,” said Mayor Smiley.

Concrete was poured this week for the memorial dedicated to the tornado victims, which will be at the old Rotary pavilion at City Park. The Dawson Springs Branch Library reopened today after closing last summer, due to flood damage from severe weather.

“i’m so relieved and grateful and excited to be reopening to the public,” said Angel Killough of the Hopkins County Madisonville Public Library.

(This story was originally published on September 1, 2022)