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The frigid temperatures kept kids across the Tri-State home from school.

It also allowed custodians in Daviess County to take advantage of this day and disinfect classrooms using new technology, to keep students healthy when they return.

The kids weren’t at College View Middle School on Wednesday, but the germs were still there.

“It’s an ideal time to get a lot of clean up time,” says David Shutt, Director of Maintenance for Daviess Co. Public Schools.

Custodians disinfected college view middle school, using a new electrostatic sprayer on desks, tables and other surfaces. It charges the disinfectant, and after its sprayed. starts killing off germs in ten minutes. 

“To find the ten minute window in school hours is very hard to do,” says Erik Simon, head custodian at College View Middle School, referring to why its not used while kids are in school. Not only does this help a custodian quicker, it can also help them clean it more effectively, since the substance gets on and underneath the surface. Simon says it saves them time and effort.

“To not have to go behind it and wipe it off which actually takes quite a bit of time to be able to spray something and with the electrostatic it goes underneath the surface, top and bottom without us having to touch it,” he says.

Shutt says having schools closed today enabled custodians to give classrooms a deep clean and remove germs, just as more illnesses were reported in recent days.

“It gives us a chance to kind of start from zero for the next time that students are going to be in here so that everything is disinfected and cleaned,” says Shutt.

School officials say they start considering closing schools if the attendance rate drops below 90 percent. Shutt adds they soon plan to have a sprayer in each school.

“I think they’re pretty happy with it. If they’re doing the same job we do, then they should be happy with it, because it does make it a lot easier,” says Simon.

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(This story was originally published on January 30, 2019)

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