DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) Tonight, officials with Daviess County Public Schools are still working on a solution to a software issue.

That issue caused the start of the school year to be delayed. We’re told the issue is impacting afternoon bus routes.

Instead of picking up or dropping off students from school today, Daviess County Public School buses have been parked here all day. Meanwhile, the district is still looking for a solution to the software problem that lead to the start of the school year being delayed.

Superintendent Matt Robbins says data from one of two software programs used to make bus routes was duplicate or inaccurate, leading to inaccurate afternoon bus routes made.

“What that was doing is it was deleting some routes, then it was incomplete, then all of the student data information that it was loading to start with,” he explained.

Morning routes were not impacted. Superintendent Robbins says the issue surfaced this past weekend, and while progress was made, it couldn’t be fully fixed. About half of DCPS’s 11,000 students use school buses. Robbins says it was a safety issue because it could have lead to students on the wrong bus or being left at school after hours.

“It’s the large volume of students, we have over 11,000, with 50% of those being transported. That’s a big difference,” said Supt. Robbins.

It also affected Owensboro Catholic Schools, who use some DCPS buses. School officials say 25% to 35% of OCS students ride them.

“It was, more last night, scrambling, making sure we knew what we were going to do, and I had to, kind of, break the news to my kids that they couldn’t ride the school bus today,” said Jenny Glenn, whose two kids go to Owensboro Catholic Schools.

Parents like glenn dropped and picked up their kids from school today.

“We appreciate being able to use their buses, but when they have an issue like this, we can adjust and make it happen,” said Keith Osborne of Owensboro Catholic Schools.

Superintendent Robbins adds they will notify parents tomorrow if their new plan of starting the school year on Friday will still go forward.

(This story was originally published on August 10, 2022)