Design process underway for potential closures along the Lloyd Expressway


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– The majority of people who responded to a recent questionnaire think implementing closures at certain areas of the Lloyd Expressway would improve safety. A majority of respondents support permanent closures.

Closures TheLloyd4U Project Team is considering to address safety concerns include:

  • S. Ingle Avenue at Lloyd
  • N. Lemcke Avenue at Lloyd
  • N. 12th Street at Lloyd
  • N. 10th Street at Lloyd
  • Pennsylvania Street at Wabash Avenue (Only a closure of the side street of Pennsylvania Street)

“These closures are a short list but they’re just a small piece of the bigger puzzle here. When we’re talking about the improvements that are happening with the Lloyd4U and the improvements that are planned, we’re talking about significant improvements that are really going to change the way that drivers use the Lloyd expressway they should improve traffic flow, reduce conflict points, and improve safety,” Mindy Peterson, a spokesperson said.

The Project Team received more than 1,500 responses to a short questionnaire they made to gather public feedback.

A majority of respondents support a closure at all five locations.

“These are areas where it should not be a significant pinch point and that it’s not going to have a major impact on access. We would not be suggesting closures that would have major impacts that would hurt flow in any ways so I think if people look at that list and they look at a map they get a better sense of the areas that we’re talking about and they see the impacts will be fairly minor,” Peterson said.

The project team leaders say they are evaluating crash data and traffic count information in these areas to help in the decision-making process.

TheLloyd4U Project Team is starting to make designs for the improvement projects along the corridor. Public meetings are expected this fall to share the latest project information.

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