Dog picked up outside store starts debate in Daviess Co. town


MASONVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) Dogs can be the center of attention at times for families. But one in a Daviess County town is becoming the center of attention for different reasons.

Masonville residents are debating whether a dog that’s hung out outside a store should have been picked up by animal control officials.

Residents say the dog’s name is Ashley, a German Shepherd, that’s been repeatedly seen outside the entrance of a Dollar General on Highway 231, considered by some as an unofficial greeter that didn’t harm anyone.

“You could walk right up to it and you can pet it outside the dollar store,” said Bobby Morris of Masonville.

“We used to live further out in the country, so it wasn’t too strange to see a stray dog running around,” said Jacob Wood of Masonville.

Daviess County Animal Control officials say they were asked to pick up the dog by a store worker who didn’t want it there anymore. They add they’ve gotten calls from other people in recent months about the dog, who they say is owned by a resident near the store. Shoppers and residents say Ashley had water and food with her at times, but they were still worried about the dog with the recent humid weather.

“I was worried because he was out here, and whose dog was it? Was he hot? Was he fed? Was he watered,” said Robin Atwell of Daviess County.

“Unless he was just a nuisance, but it’d be the only reason, I would think, unless they didn’t want him to get hit. I never saw him in the road, or even try to get into the road,” Morris recalled.

County law states an owner must be in control of its dog, whether its present with the dog, or just on its own property.

It makes me sad because I just want to take it home with me and I know I can’t. But I just want to take him home, put him in the house in the air conditioning,” Atwell said.

Animal control officials say a vet checked on the dog, and they’re waiting for its owner to pick it up. Residents say they hope the dog gets back to its home. We were unable to reach the dog’s owner for comment.

(This story was originally published on August 11, 2021)

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