HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Donald Trump facing new allegations that he shared potentially sensitive secrets about U.S. nuclear submarine capabilities with Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt, a member of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago Club, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Those sources say Pratt then shared the information with at least 45 others, including more than a dozen foreign officials, several of his own employees and a handful of journalists.

As part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents, Pratt allegedly told investigators the team that just months after Trump left office, he told him two critical pieces of information about U.S. submarines, the supposed exact number of nuclear warheads each usually carries, and how close they can supposedly get to a Russian submarine without being detected.

In addition to being a Mar-a-Lago member, Pratt was invited to multiple White House events.

Sources say Pratt told investigators Trump didn’t show him any documents, but the account could help prosecutors establish a habit from Trump of recklessly handling classified information. The information Pratt’s alleged conversation with Trump is not included in Smith’s indictment.

A Trump spokesperson says what ABC News was told lacks “proper context and relevant information,” and that Trump did nothing wrong. Pratt has not yet provided a comment.

Last month, Pratt opened a $500 million paper mill and box factory in Henderson, Kentucky. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear was also present at the grand opening celebration.