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Dootie duty: Newburgh couple cleans up cleaning up poo

You might think your job stinks. You're overworked, underpaid, and the chores never end. But there's a couple in Newburgh who take stink with a smile because your dog's business is their business.

Spring is in the air and nature's beauty is in full bloom. It’s a busy season for Trey Smith and Ashley Weyer. But when nature calls, sometimes it can be smelly.

There's a lot of dirty jobs out there. Smith and Weyer take it down to a whole new level. Dootie is the duty, and since Scoop Pros became a full-time job this year, number 2 is priority number 1.

“Most people are a little surprised that you could start a business by just picking up dog waste,” Smith says holding back a laugh. Dogs poop and they scoop.

Weyer says she gets complements on the genius idea that just keeps growing because there's a never-ending supply with 40 yards and counting. Man’s best friend has got to eat.

“The worst one we've ever seen would probably be one we couldn't step foot anywhere,” Weyer says. “We filled up 10 full trash bags.”

It's dirty and it works but diving into dung doesn't come without danger. They've dated for three years, been through dozens of business ideas before this, and Ashley was ready to dump another one of Trey’s plans.

“I said no no, no, no way this will succeed,” Ashley remembers.

Believe it or not all those piles smell like money now.

They say the business is inspired by a similar one in California. They hope to grow Scoop Pros in the Midwest and make a franchise.

The super scoopers hope their story has a happy ending in piles of cash. They’re fine just stepping back to let nature take its course.

The work isn't love in the wrong place, though Trey never promised a bed of roses for the future. That’s what Ashley is looking ahead to. “A destination wedding,” she says.

“Hopefully something with a view,” Smith thinks. “Nothing to do with dog poop, anything like that."

On the horizon is a life of the same – you know – just a different day.


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(This story was originally published May 17, 2018)

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