Downtown Evansville residents react to Shrinersfest

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Big crowds may be good for Shrinersfest organizers but not so much for some who live downtown.

With overcrowded streets and limited downtown parking, some people say they can’t help but feel inconvenienced by changes to their downtown living during events like Shrinersfest.​​​​​​

“I have noticed things starting to pick up more so it’s just going to get crazier over the weekend,” says downtown resident Bethany Dunford.

“Some roads are closed off and it leads traffic down these two streets on oak and cherry down there but other than that it’s been pretty normal,” Alec Sloan includes. 

“The limited parking is a little bit different the crowdedness I don’t mind as much but having somewhere to park would be nice,” says Emma Krumwiede​​​​​​.

Sloan says the added traffic and people bring safety concerns.

“I’m walking around some cars more cars than usual so it can be risky crossing the street you don’t know how fast they’re going or where they’re coming from.”

Some downtown stayers aren’t too happy about the summer event crowd…
Brandon Wilson and Emma Krumwiede don’t mind the mayhem and plan to move downtown within a month. 

“Having stuff to do around town is really nice because I’m from an area where there’s not a whole lot to do so having a change of pace to have different events going on so often. “

I like getting out and just meeting everyone who goes to it and just having fun because not a lot of things to do in Evansville unless you want to go to a coffee shop.”

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(This story was originally published on June  16, 2019)

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