Driver injured after pursuit in Daviess Co., charges pending

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In Daviess County, Kentucky, charges are pending against one person involved in a late night pursuit.

It started around 11:00 PM Thursday in Yelvington, and ended on Reid Road, just outside Owensboro.

“There’s a fire station nearby and we hear sirens continuously all the time,” says Adam Etnire, who lives on Reid Road. The sirens he heard go past his Reid Road home weren’t because of a fire, it was due to a late night pursuit ending just down the road.

“I heard a significant siren and I think it was two sheriff’s, and they were pursuing a vehicle, but we didn’t know what exactly was going on,” he recalled.

Sheriffs Deputies say this all started on the 1100 block of Yelvington-Knottsville Road when someone alerted them of a suspicious vehicle in this area.

“Subject had been driving back and forth in front of a residence, honking his horn, stopping in the roadway,” says Maj. Barry Smith of the Daviess Co. Sheriff’s Office. The driver later started going into yards along Highway 2830 in Maceo.

“You have to take into consideration the risk versus the totality of the situation. Once he ran through the yards, at that point in time, he became a danger to people on the highway and even on the outside of the highway,” says Maj. Smith.

It then ended here on the 2500 block of Reid Road, where deputies say the vehicle went off the road, through a field, and into wooded area before it stopped. Major Smith says the driver, whose name has yet to be released, was coherent after the chase, but appeared under the influence. Charges are pending against the driver, who Major Smith says could face wanton endangerment, alluding and other charges.

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