A Dubois County teen was bit by a shark while vacationing in Hilton Head, South Carolina and lives to tell the story.  

Some statistics say humans are more likely to get struck by lightening than bit by a shark. 

“No one gets bit by a shark in Indiana,” Oliva Wallhauser says. “I was like what the heck.”

So what are the odds a Tri-State teen would get bit? Ferdinand native Olivia Wallhauser found out. 

“I was swimming and a wave came up so I wasn’t actually touching the bottom at the time and then something bit me until I hit the floor,” Olivia says. 

Her mom, Jan Wallhauser says,”We were all swimming and Olivia started screaming and I’m a nurse and you know you try not to panic.”

Olivia says she was swimming in murky water up to her shoulders when she kicked something. It was then she felt the teeth of a shark bite into her foot. 

“I kicked it’s ribs and the ribs inside the fish I felt that,” Olivia says. 

Jan, her mother, says, “I knew it was a bite of some sort because there was lot’s of blood and I was glad to see her toes and everything were there that’s the best thing.”

Olivia would walk away from the attack, 10 toes and all, and thinks her reaction might have saved her life. 

“You’re supposed to kick a shark in it’s head to make sure it gets away so I must have down that,” Olivia says. 

“I think it’s because she kicked like crazy trying to get away from it and scared it, I bet the shark was as scared as she was,” Jan says. 

The family says they aren’t sure what type of shark bit Olivia, but the ER doctor was certain it was a shark. 

Olivia is able to walk without crutches and will make a full recovery.

(This story was originally published June 29, 2017)