JASPER, Ind. (WEHT) – After some initial concerns, a substance abuse recovery group in Dubois County believes they have the community support for a long overdue service; a residential recovery home. The need is highlighted as mental health issues and substance abuse plague many neighborhoods across the nation, including the Jasper-area.

“There are some gaps in our community that are needed,” explains Clayton Boyles with the Dubois County Community Foundation, “and ones that have not been addressed for many, many years. And it’s time to do that.”

Boyles says it is unique that Dubois County does not have a recovery residence, stating that neighboring counties have many. Currently, construction is underway in Jasper for a 15 room women’s recovery home, and the push now from Boyles and local recovery group Next Step Recovery is for a men’s home to be constructed.

Dana Wood with Next Step says the recovery group consists of 9 board members, some who are themselves going through recovery. Having a diverse board, according to Wood, helps the group determine specific needs for the home.

“There are several of us, myself included, that are not active in their recovery,” explains Wood. “So we cannot have the full understanding of what is best needed for every aspect of a home. That input has been absolutely invaluable.”

The group says a few residents came forward with concerns of the proposal, categorizing this plan as a halfway house. Both Wood and Boyles want the community to know that this residence would not be a halfway house.

“That is not what we are,” says Wood. “As a men’s recovery home, there are no substances allowed on our property.” In regards to the need of this home, Wood says the impacts are a lot closer than some residents may think.

“People who are actively using are in our community. So here’s an opportunity for us to provide something that can provide that safe environment for people who want to work their recovery.”

There is no timeline for construction of this proposal, and Wood says they are still determining where potential locations for the home could be. However, Boyles and Wood both agree that this project has overwhelming support from the Dubois County community.