HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Jasper officials say they figured out why some tornado sirens didn’t activate.

A news release says this is in reference the northern portion of Dubois County being issued a Tornado Warning in the early hours of August 7. Jasper officials say the situation was being closely monitored and even though the city of Jasper was not in the path of the indicated tornado, the Jasper Police Department decided to proactively activate the Jasper City Weather Sirens.

City officials stated upon doing so, it was determined that three of the sirens failed to sound due to power outages in specific areas, like 17th Street, 20th Street and 37th Street. The city says all the sirens are equipped with battery backups, however these backups failed at those locations.

The city says these locations are being inspected and will be repaired. The news release says the Jasper Police Department would like to remind citizens that the outdoor weather sirens are not intended to wake them, be heard inside a residence or replace people’s own notification process such as NOAA weather radios, weather apps on their phones or local news and weather stations. Officials ask for people to please ensure that their NOAA weather radios have fresh batteries and are ready to notify in the event of severe weather in the area.

Jasper officials say Tammy Humbert with Dubois County MA advised that Midland weather radios are recommended. The news release says anyone can take their newly purchased weather radios to the Dubois County EMA for programming, at no cost.