Eclipse Watchers Buying Stamps to Commemorate Event


Three weeks from now, the great eclipse will happen over the skies of western Kentucky, and other parts of the country. To mark the occasion, people are heading to their post office for a special stamp .

These stamps commemorating the great eclipse were made available at post offices across the country back in June. Some here in Owensboro say they’ve been buying them up to commemorate the rare event.

“It’s really caught our attention,” says Michelle Powers of Hancock County. The stamps caught the attention of her and her son, Wyatt, at the Owensboro post office.

“I was like, “Oh, do you want to get some of those?’ And he was, like, ‘Yeah,'” she recalled.

“She put her thumb on it and she said, “This is the only one I’ve ever seen do that,'” says Wyatt, recalling their reaction to the stamps.

Workers at the post office on Bon Harbor Hills Drive say sales have been going well since they were first offered last month. They even ran out on the first day of sales, causing them to reorder. Janice Schneller says people ordered as much as $90 worth of stamps at a time. It costs less than $8 for a sheet of 16.

“They came in, ‘I want to buy them for my grandkids.’ ‘Can I buy $80 worth?’ ‘Can I buy 10 sheets of them?’ We all sold out in one day and had to get more,” says Schneller.

For Wyatt, it’s a memento of the event he’ll see while in Bowling Green, which is in the eclipse’s path.

“Just the fact that it’s going to be happening so close to where I’m going to be at that time, and it’s going to be the only time it happens for quite a while,” he says.

The stamps use thermochromic ink, which fades when you touch it with your finger, revealing the moon.

“I bought them for my grandchild that was just born this July,” Schneller says. “When I showed my daughter, she was tickled.”

“It’s very interesting. It’s going to be pretty cool for it to be that close,” adds Michelle.

The picture featured on the stamp is actually one of an eclipse that happened back in 2006.

(This story was originally published on July 31, 2017)

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