OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) It could be at least a month until the new Daviess County Middle School opens. The school’s opening was postponed due to construction related delays and state inspections, leading students to start the new year at their old school.

The original plan was to have students arrive at the new middle school just off Fairview Drive, but due to delays, they’ll instead start at the old middle school. Educators and parents say they’re disappointed they won’t start at the new school yet.

“We’re sorry for the parents, we’re sorry for the staff, but at the same time, we know in short order that this is going to be remedied,” said DCPS Superintendent Matt Robbins.

People were back at the old middle school on East 4th Street. Superintendent Robbins says school materials were supposed to be moved to the new school as early as today, but they have to unpack them again as the move is pushed back.

“I think they were excited to go to the new school, but they can only do what they can do,” said Marrisa Criss, whose kids attend Daviess Co. Public Schools.

“He was upset because he was excited to be able to start school. You know, the first day of 7th grade, going to a new school, but he understands,” explained Amanda Decker, describing how her child, who attends the middle school, reacted to the news.

Superintendent Robbins says classes could start at the new school as soon as next month, and as late as fall break in October. The new goal is now finish all construction before moving in. The new middle school is to replace the old school, which was first built in the 1920s. Superintendent Robbins adds logistics of moving schools, still must be sorted out.

“You have to then move all of that in a confined amount of time. It becomes a very difficult chore to happen. If we can move that up sooner, logistically, we’re going to keep working on that, but first order of business, we got to get a finite end date on when construction will be finished,” he said.

Superintendent Robbins adds while incoming 7th and 8th graders are used to be old building, they’ll help incoming 6th graders get used to the old school.

(This story was originally published on August 4, 2022)