EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Evansville explosions shook and took several lives. The cause of the incident is still undetermined, but several citizens have offered to be a part of the recovery solution.

Some who were affected directly by the big blast, are continuing to push forward despite the circumstances.

McKenzie Eichoff and Treavor Chagle have had their lives altered when the explosion tore through their home and caused a major issue in their lives. Eichoff and Chagle are planning to get married in April and are currently renovating their future home, which is near the explosion site.

Eichoff says now her toughest task is finding a good place to live. She has not lost focus on her wedding day as her sister and mom are still in the process of selecting the all-important wedding dress.

“When I first met my fiancé, I knew I was going to marry him, and I have kept a wedding diary from the beginning of our relationship,” Eichoff explains. “It’s been said that love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love must be strong since an explosion can blow up a house, but it cannot blowup this engagement.”

They say events such as the explosion really make you put life into perspective and makes you more appreciative and even more thankful for the things that you have and every day is a gift.

Chagle had just began a new a job, and boom, his whole world is literally shaken. His employer is gracious and is allowing him to take time off, so he can restore his life as close to what it was.

McKenzie’s life took another twist shortly after the explosion. While feeling a bit under the weather, McKenzie tested positive for Covid-19.

Both, Chagle and Meichoff reiterated the point of slowing life down and taking it one day at a time which has really contributed to staying positive in such a crazy time. She is constantly surrounded with love and support from her family and fiancé.