EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Evansville Police say they arrested a suspect in connection to Tuesday night’s shooting as well as another suspect who may have hired the shooter.

EPD says it was dispatched to 809 Kirkwood Drive in Evansville in response to a shots fired call. The caller allegedly told police that a victim was shot in the head.

After arriving to the scene, police state they found three gunshot victims, two of which were shot in the head. All victims were said to be transported to local hospitals for treatment.

Detectives say they spoke to Ami Huggler at the scene. Ami told them when she got home from the store, she heard loud bangs that sounded like gunshots coming from outside her home. That’s when she heard her children screaming for her, she says.

She says she saw a young bearded white man enter the home through the garage. She adds that she saw him firing his handgun.

According to police reports, Ami remembers seeing her daughter bleeding from the head from a gunshot wound. She tells police the man walked up to her, but did not shoot her.

Eyewitnesses identified Daniel Alvey as they person they believe committed the shooting.

Alvey was arrested a short time later and taken to the Evansville Police Department for questioning. Police say a handgun believed to be used in the shooting was located in Alvey’s home. According to police reports, Alvey admitted the gun found in the home was his.

During their investigation, detectives determined that Alvey may have been hired by Samuel Huggler to kill one of the shooting victims. Huggler was arrested Wednesday evening.

Alvey is charged with attempted murder and altering gun identification. Samuel Huggler is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Both are sitting in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

The victims of the shooting include Joseph, John and Olivia Huggler. Police say two of the victims are being treated for life-threatening injuries.