EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – Evansville Police charged a worker at High Point Daycare with battery on a child under 14 and neglect of a dependent.

Police were contacted by a DCS investigator after a 13-month-old child was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a transverse fracture on her left arm on March 1. According to a probable cause affidavit, the child’s parents dropped her off at High Point Daycare on the morning of February 25. The affidavit says that when the parents returned to pick up their child later that day, they were told by daycare staff that they believed the child was being fussy because she was teething and she was giving Motrin and a teether.

The child’s parents told DCS that the child continued to be fussy at home and they were unable to comfort them. The child was taken to the hospital after they were unable to console them.

According to police, the child can be seen on video in the classroom behaving normally until Nikki Lynne Moore, 26, the daycare worker charged with caring for the children on that day, picked her up to take her to a changing table. According to the affidavit, Moore “thrusts the child onto the changing table.” Police say the video showed Moore picking up the child, who then begins crying and throwing their head back before being set down in a crib.

Police interviewed Moore and asked her to demonstrated how she picked up the child after changing them. According to police, Moore demonstrated on a baby doll by picking it up by the left forearm and around the right torso. Police say the child had a bruise on the left forearm that was not visible until the brace was removed.

Moore was lodged in the Vanderburgh County Jail where she was later released.