EPD: One massage parlor cited, others investigated for complaints of sexual favors

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Six massage parlors throughout Evansville are under fire after allegedly soliciting sexual acts for tips. 

According to police, six massage parlors offered some in-house specials that were not advertised on their list of services.

According to reports, the investigation started after multiple complaints accusing the parlors of sexual favors.

EPD says the investigations were conducted at First Avenue Massage and Spa, Asian Massage, Beijing Spa, Lilac Massage, Royal Spa and Sunrise Spa.

Police set up surveillance at each business, where they noticed a similar pattern.

“The hours of 4 PM to 8 PM is when they say the most activities and during those hours six to eight all six massage parlors only had male customers. 90 percent of the cases in which male customers were stopped all 90 percent of them would admit spending 60 dollars for the massage parlor services and then an additional 40 dollars for a favor that was sexual in nature.”

Undercover detectives went into the businesses and say they found a violation.

EPD says the female and the business — Asian Massage — were warned.

Police say each parlor will be monitored and appropriate citations will be issued if they are found in violation.

A business owner near Lilac Massage, who didn’t want to go on camera, said she had suspicions about the massage parlor’s operations after noticing customers visiting during late hours.

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Evansville Police Department said its VIPER Unit identified six massage parlors to run surveillance on, in connection with allegations of inappropriate sexual favors being offered to customers.

Police said the investigations were conducted at First Ave. Massage and Spa, Asian Massage, Beijing Spa, Lilac Massage, Royal Spa, and Sunrise Spa.

Detectives would stop customers after leaving the business. They said approximately 90% of all male customers admitted they paid $60 for an hour-long massage and an additional $40 for a sexual act of some sort.

Police said all customers were documented and released, as they were not the overall target of the investigation.

Undercover detectives went into the business with marked currency, police said, and attempted to solicit a sexual favor for tips.

One detective was propositioned and touched inappropriately after offering an additional $40, police said.

The female and the business, Asian Massage, were warned, according to EPD.

Detectives said the investigation came to a close on May 15, after realizing that they would have to repeat the process to gain the trust of parlor employees and risk being discovered the longer the investigation went on.

Police said detectives discovered that citizen complaints of misconduct were correct, but they found no evidence that the involved females were victims of human trafficking.

Each parlor will be monitored and appropriate citations will be issued if they are found in violation, police said.

The Safety Board will seek to suspend or revoke the massage/clinic license if they employ an unlicensed employee, after conduction a public hearing on the matter, according to police.

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(This story was originally published on June 25, 2019)

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