EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – The Evansville Police Department signed the 30×30 Pledge last week to improve the representation of experiences of women in law enforcement.

According to a news release, the pledge contains a series of low- and no-cost actions policing agencies can take to assess the current state of a department with regard to gender equity, identify factors that may be driving any disparities and develop and implement strategies and solutions to eliminate barriers and advance women in policing. The pledge is the foundational effort of the 30×30 Initiative, a coalition of police leaders, researchers and professional organizations who have joined together with the goal to reach 30 percent of women in police recruit classes by 2030, and ensure policing agencies are representative of the jurisdiction the agency serves.

According to the release, women make up only 12% of sworn officers nationally and only 3% of police leadership. More than 230 agencies from major metro departments including the New York City Police Department and state policing agencies have signed the 30×30 pledge.