EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – The Evansville Police Department says a man called 911 on Wednesday to turn himself in for shooting one of the two men who were found dead in the 2100 block of Lodge Avenue.

According to a release from EPD, the shooter gave officers his location and he was taken into custody without incident. Police say the shooter told detectives he saw the two men, identified later as Nicholas Fenwick, 28, and Brett Coulson, 33, arguing in a parking lot. The man told police Fenwick drew a gun and fatally shot Coulson. He told detectives he yelled for Fenwick to drop his weapon, but he refused. He told police he shot at Fenwick before leaving the parking lot and calling 911 to turn himself in. A police report says Fenwick ran behind the Circle L Mart, where he collapsed and died.

“On the surface it appears that it’s going to be a bystander who basically witnessed a situation and was in fear for the situation that this guy had a gun and had just shot somebody and confronted him and was kind of put into that situation,” Evansville Police Sergeant Anna Gray explained.

Police say a witness corroborated the shooter’s account of the events. EPD says the investigation is still active and no arrests have been made, and that it is too early in the investigation to determine what charges, if any, will be filed.

“We want to get all the pieces of the puzzle together first,” Sgt. Gray said. “Speak with the prosecutors office about it and determine is there enough for any charges or was this an incident where it’s a self defense.”

Evansville police say they don’t often see situations like this, especially with one of the shooters calling 911 himself.

“Certainly that doesn’t happen very often. this type of situation doesn’t happen very often,” Sgt. Gray explained. “We have had situations where there’s been self defense shootings but to this level of so much information involved. so many details, talking about two people that were in an altercation and then you bring in a third person, this is something that is very rare for us.”

The Evansville Police Department has not released the name of the man who called 911 to turn himself in. Police said the man did have a valid permit to carry his gun.