“There wasn’t any rhyme or reason for it happening. They just appeared.”

Two witnesses, a man and a woman, were driving near Harmony Way and Cave Avenue on Evansville’s west side Saturday. They’ve chosen to remain anonymous.

“I just saw them in the sky, go what is that? And he looked up and he goes, oh,” the woman said.

“I stopped the van, got my phone out, and put it on the video,” said the man.

They say eight orbs of light making no noise were flying over the Evansville sky.

“And they were moving pretty fast, yeah.”

Neither person knew what they were seeing, but tried to describe the phenomenon.

“They were dropping out of the clouds and going across the sky, and it was quite a spectacular site,” the man said. “It’s really hard to explain your emotion. I didn’t have any negative feelings at all. I didn’t have any feelings of like being in danger, or that they were here to harm us in any way.”

They pair contacted the Mutual UFO Network, an organization that claims to be one of the largest UFO groups in the world.

“They’re unidentified flying objects,” the man said. “I think it validates the situation here, so keep your eyes to the sky.”

They also claim a military aircraft followed the orbs before they shot back up into the sky. Unfortunately, that part wasn’t captured on camera.

“People are gonna believe what they want to believe,” the woman said. “Something’s out there. We can’t be the only ones on this universe, you know.”


A representative of MUFON says the case is still under investigation and cannot confirm if the objects seen in the footage are UFOs, and that the group is based out of Irvine, California, and not Cincinnati as previously reported.

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(This story was originally published February 1, 2018)