EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — An Evansville animal rescue responds after several dogs had to be removed from the home of a woman who was fostering them.

Last week, officers with the Evansville Police Department were sent to a home in the 200 block of West Columbia Street after getting a report of animal neglect. Police called the conditions in the home unacceptable for humans or animals to live in. Police also said some of the dogs had to be euthanized.

Another Chance for Animals says that the woman used to be a board member, but is not associated with them anymore. Here is their full statement:

“Last week, Animal Control was called to our Office building for an inspection, and we did receive a citation. No animals were taken from our care, and follow-up inspections have been passed.

Also, last week Animal Control was called to a former board member’s house.  This person is no longer a board member. Out of the animals taken, only one was an ACA foster.

In light of her past work with ACA, and in the interest of helping a community member in need, ACA stepped up to help  the animals when called to do so.  The animals are now in our care with foster families throughout the community, and will soon start their journey to finding their furever homes!

Animal Rescue is a hard and overwhelming process.  Studies and personal experience have shown how quickly and easy it is to get overwhelmed and overworked.

 Unfortunately, ACA, as an all volunteer non-profit, fell into this pit with our office cats.  A plethora of cats this summer, overwhelmed and overworked volunteers, and a drive to save as many as possible led us down this path.  This visit was the wake-up call needed to set us back on track and realize we alone are not responsible for all of our communities animals.  

We have many other organizations and the public that are helping, and we are grateful for all of them and for all their help through this process.

We are sorry it took this experience to get us here, but we are committed to caring for the animals in our care in appropriate ways and will build upon this experience to do better. We have a dedicated group of volunteers who are working daily to get ACA back on path, and hope to move forward to brighter things!”