Evansville Bakery Cookies Benefiting Red Cross


An Evansville bakery joins the list of businesses raising funds for disaster relief.

Sweet Betty’s Bakery on Virginia St. is selling cookies to benefit the American Red Cross.

Owner Andrea Miles says she wanted to do something after seeing the devastation from the hurricanes and the wildfires in the west.

“One of the reasons we chose the Red Cross was because they go no matter what the cause,” said Miles. “As long as someone needs help, they’re out there helping. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wildfire and someone’s lost their home or a hurricane or a flood. We wanted to make sure the money was going to go to help anybody that was in need no matter what state they were in.”

Miles says the cookies in the shapes of Texas, the Red Cross logo, and a bunny will be sold until the end of the month. The cookies sell for $4 each.

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