HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- Disaster strikes again for the South Baseball League in Evansville. The concession stand was broken into, and several items were stolen.

This fun-filled park experienced a tough hit when the concession stand was broken into and much of what was in it stolen. What started out as an unfortunate loss, took a turn for the better, when the community was quick to jump into action.

 The league president, Myshawn Brooks, tells us they feel grateful for the support they have.

“We still have the community, we have the Westside Nut Club, Missy Mosby, my vice president, and so many others… We’re a family. You can push us, but we’re going to stand tall and going to take care of these kids and be role models and leaders to them.”

This is the same league that suffered last year. City council member, Missy Mosby says their former president stole from them, taking the opportunity to play from the kids. That former president was arrested in August of last year.

Those affected by this most recent incident have expressed that having the community show up for them has helped them see the light in this darkness.

The league says they are still accepting donations and any other help they can get, and they are determined to dust themselves off and get back on the field. The league is encouraging the community to come out in Evansville.