***UPDATE***: The Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Dispatch says the issue is resolved and they can now take calls again.

VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WEHT) — According to the Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Dispatch, they are no longer able to receive calls through their admin lines. They say a fiber was cut between between Washington, Ind. and Bedford, Ind. that is causing the issue.

“If you have an emergency, your call will still be connected through if you dial 911. Our admin lines, or non-emergent lines, are down, and we are unable to receive those calls at this time, or make outgoing calls,” shared central dispatch on Facebook. “We are also unable to transfer 911 calls at this time.”

Dispatch says if you need to call them for any reason, dial 911, even if your issue is “non-emergent”. They say you can also text them by typing “911” in the “to” line of a new text message.

According to their Facebook page, crews are on their way to fix the issue. Eyewitness News will update you on-air and online as learn more information.