Evansville church member reacts to Haiti earthquake


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – With so much destruction in Haiti following a massive earthquake, now Grace has its eyes set on the island nation.

Joe Wildeman is a member of Saint Francis Catholic Church. He’s been to Haiti ten times and he says it never gets any easier.

“I might describe it as a roller coaster,” Wildeman said, “there are times when you will see things and talk to the people that will make you just as happy as can be and you’re smiling. And then you will walk down the street a block and see the poor buildings and huts they live in and it will bring tears to your eyes.”

His mission has done everything from eye care to cataract surgeries and women’s healthcare clinics, mainly focusing on the northern part of the country. He says he spoke with a pastor on the ground in Haiti days ago.

“He told me that they felt the earthquake but they did not have any damage. Again, we are way up in the northeast corner of the country, and the earthquake occurred down here in the southeast part of the country.”

Haiti is no stranger to earthquakes. In 2010, a devestating 7.0 earthquake rocked the capital of Port-au-Prince, killing almost a quarter of a million people.

Even amid the destruction, there’s hope that the people of Haiti will rebuild and carry on.

“It’s amazing what these people do for each other, and we go down simple to try and help as best we can,” said Wildeman.

The church says they don’t have any missions planned at the moment because of the ongoing political situation. Haiti’s president was assassinated early last month. Typically the church sends a mission there twice a year, they are hopeful to return soon.

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