Evansville City Council Considering Tax Hike, Denies County Input

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Evansville City Council is pushing for a potential tax increase that could generate $8 million for public safety, including Evansville Police and Fire departments, Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management, and the jail.

The ordinance would raise taxes a fraction of a percent, but it’s a fraction of Council that wants more clarity.

If passed, income taxes would increase by 0.2 percent for people in the city and county. City Council is the income tax authority for Vanderburgh County.

Monday night, Councilmen Justin Elpers (R – Ward 5) and John Hayden (R – Ward 3) asked to get County leadership involved.

Elpers says it’s like “taxation without representation,” and he wants the opinions of County leaders to be heard. “Hopefully the dialogue will increase and we’ll get either support or non-support of this income tax increase, so it’s not just one group,” Elpers says.

Council President, Missy Mosby (D – Ward 2) says it’s only delaying a vote they already have control over. “I really feel like we’re doing our due diligence,” she says, “we’re being leaders as we’re chosen to do, to lead our city forward.”

City Council has the authority to levy taxes county-wide without input from county reps.

Elpers and Hayden didn’t say they were for or against the tax increase. Either way, their resolution asking for county opinion was defeated.

City Council is scheduled to vote October 9.

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