Evansville City Council to vote on Lloyd Expy. management plan

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Some major changes to the Lloyd Expressway could make it safer and faster to move through Evansville, but some city leaders think it could make it more confusing, too.

There are 40-plus pages in a proposal that some Tri-State government leaders have been looking at for a few months. Evansville City Council could join forces with Vanderburgh and Warrick County Commissioners to oppose the plan.

So many have a love-hate relationship with the West-to-East beast we call the Lloyd. So many with ideas to make it move a little faster.

“If we’re going to call it an expressway let’s do the overpasses like we did at Fulton, that we did at Green River,” said city councilman Jonathan Weaver.

INDOT and other traffic engineers are looking at drastic changes to about a dozen major intersections stretching from St. Phillips Road in Posey County to SR 261 in Warrick County.

Weaver calls the concept “funky” and is not a fan of the idea. “I looked at it and I was like, ‘Holy cow what is the deal with some of these turn lanes. Who can follow this?’”

Renders call for some alternative, some might say “unusual,” traffic patterns. Looking at a rough draft can be confusing.

“Maybe they should try it on a smaller scale first and see how it works?” said one driver on the east side of Evansville.

Engineers are exploring a displaced left turn at Burkhardt Road. The design takes traffic upstream from the intersection and crosses cars to the other side of the street before turning left. It aims to minimize possible crash points.

“This area has a history of not doing things correctly the first time,” Weaver said. “[Highway] 41 should have been elevated when it was built, and the Lloyd Expressway should have been elevated the whole way.”

Many drivers aren’t fans of the headache caused by stoplights either.

“It’s causing more traffic, it’s causing more stops, it’s unpredictable,” said a woman at an east side gas station.

City Council will consider voting on a resolution Monday that would pump the brakes on INDOT’s plan, to get opinions from people which will surely as diverse as the roads they could drive on.

Vanderburgh and Warrick Commission have already passed similar resolutions.

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(This story was originally published September 23, 2018)

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