Evansville City Employee Arrested in Drug Bust


An employee of the City of Evansville’s street department has been arrested on dealing marijuana and weapons-related charges following a large drug bust earlier this week. Detectives arrested Marco Vaughn, 32, following the bust that resulted in the seizure of more than $18,000 in cash and approximately three pounds of marijuana. According to multiple sources, in addition to being a city employee, Vaughn is the step-son of prominent Fourth Ward City Councilwoman Connie Robinson.

Several weapons, including a .22 caliber rifle, a shotgun and multiple handguns were seized in the bust.

On Monday afternoon, while in the alley behind the Virginia Food Mart for an unrelated investigation, detectives reported smelling the odor of raw marijuana. According to the probable cause affidavit, the odor was ‘overwhelming.’

Detectives then approached the residence located at 506 N. Sherman and conducted a ‘knock and talk.’ Vaughn refused to give consent to the detectives to search the home.

However, during that process, detectives could see in plain sight several items associated with the dealing of narcotics, according to the probable cause affidavit.

“During a search of the home, [detectives] recovered approximately three pounds of marijuana, over $18,000 in cash and multiple weapons including a shotgun, a 22 rifle, and several handguns,” said Evansville Police Sergeant Jason Cullum. “Once you start selling drugs, the drug users find out where you’re at because you want them to. Unfortunately, your competitors find out where you’re at and, in this case, the police find out where you’re at.”

According to the probable cause affidavit, detectives also located several cans of butane along with containers that held 11 grams of a wax-like substance. The wax-like substance also tested positive for THC, the affidavit stated.

Because of this, detectives believe Vaughn was manufacturing THC inside the home. Digital scales and plastic baggies were also located.

According to multiple sources, Vaughn is the step-son of City Councilwoman Connie Robinson. Attempts to contact Robinson for comment were unsuccessful.

Vaughn posted a $5000 bond late Thursday afternoon. According to court records, he will be represented by Scott Danks, a defense attorney who also served as the City Council attorney for several years.

In accordance with city policy, the police department notified Vaughn’s supervisor of his arrest.

“Someone’s employment status or their employer is irrelevant,” Sgt. Cullum said. “If you’re in our community and you’re doing what Mr. Vaughn was doing and we catch you, you’re going to face the consequences just like anybody else would.”

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