EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A new registration system to help first responders was announced in Evansville, and it comes through a collaborative partnership.

Officials with the Evansville Police Department and Evansville Central Dispatch partnered with Autism Evansville and Optimal Rhythms to help first responders better understand and work with individuals with autism. It’s called the ‘Keep Me Safe’ campaign.

A registry will alert first responders of extra care or accommodations for the person who called. Officials say  sometimes adults and children with autism have trouble speaking or following commands in an emergency. They also say the program can be used by many.

“Or individuals that could be seen as vulnerable, if they have traumatic brain injury or something else that keeps them from responding in a traditional way, that makes them vulnerable in the face of a crisis,” says Casey DePriest, President and CEO of Optimal Rhythms. “We want to help so they would be invited to join as well.”

Besides signing up for the new registry, families can request a Rethink Autism Safety decal to place on their home or car.