EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – One Evansville family is grateful to be uninjured after strong winds sent a tree crashing right through their home. That incident happened Thursday morning in the 1700 block of Coker Avenue. Ava Jones, who was asleep at the time, says she was woken by something, but believed it was her children getting ready for school.

“When I opened up my eyes, I sat up and I noticed I could see the outside,” recalls Jones. “And there was stuff flying around and it was kind of quiet, you know? Just almost like an eerie quiet.”

Jones was forced to climb out her bedroom window to re-enter the home through the front door. That is when she heard the unsettling cry for help coming from her daughter’s bedroom.

“All I could hear was my 16 year old screaming that she was trapped, she couldn’t get out.” Jones’ daughter and a friend were asleep when the tree crashed right over her bedroom, sending insolation and other debris flying into the home. Neighbors also heard the noise and called for help after checking on Jones and her family.

“It took me a minute to actually process it, because it was like, I was almost in shock of what was going on,” explains Jones.

Jones believes her home and many of the family’s belongings are a loss, another heartbreak to endure less than two months after losing her husband.

“I do believe he was watching over us,” says Jones. “Somebody had to have been, because we all came out of the house untouched.”

The family has started a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of their losses in this accident.