EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — With an overall theme of electrical safety, the Evansville Fire Department hosted training sessions for their firefighters this week. Firefighters learned how to manage any electrical hazard they may come across during an emergency.

Special attention was given to watching for unexpected dangers such as exposed or live wires.

“Any typical house fire, when the home burns, obviously those wires that are in the walls or the ceiling — the electricity that goes into those appliances — once that fire invades that wall space it burns the insulation off the wire and the safety measures don’t always work,” said Mike Larson, Division Chief with EFD.

He continued, saying, “Whether it be a fuse panel or a breaker panel or as they’ll demonstrate here on the pole, there’s big fuses on the power pole that’ll disconnect if there’s an issue within the home,”

Officials say emphasis was also put on the amount of voltage that firefighters may be dealing with when responding to house fires. EFD tells us the props used in the training were provided by CenterPoint Energy.