“Is this for everybody? No, some people are just gun owners,” Randy Harris said Sunday.

Harris is an instructor for Suarez International, a group that teaches self-defense. On Sunday, Harris and other instructors taught special courses at Uncle Rudy’s Indoor Range over the weekend.

The difference between the guns used during these courses and real guns: orange tips and plastic pellets. But the owner of Uncle Rudy’s said it’s not about the guns.

“It’s not really a firearms class, as much as it’s a fighting class to teach you, utilizing your firearm of course, utilizing some knives and different things,” John Rudolph said.

“You can come to a range pretty much anytime and shoot paper or shoot cardboard. It’s really only giving you half the story on what happens in an actual defensive confrontation,” Harris said.

For the students, the classes are a blast, but also highly valuable.

“It’s been very eye opening,” Tom Fuller said. “ I would say that if you’re gonna carry a firearm for self defense, I would almost argue that this needs to be one of the first experiences you have in your firearms training journey, as you will quickly be able to find out what is effective, and what isn’t effective.”

“You know, what happens when you actually are in an environment where you need to use lethal force? That’s really the most important part is to understand what happens when you put yourself in those stress environments,” Rudolph said.

And for some students, it makes all the difference in the world.

“One in particular, a guy sent me a text said your training saved my life last night, or at least kept me from a long, you know, lengthy nasty hospital stay,” Harris said. “And you know, that’s some of the best news that I can get.”