EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Dealing with the aftermath of an event like the Weinbach explosion can be incredibly stressful. And while they may not be able to repair everything, Evansville’s Home Depot stores are doing all they can to lessen the burden for those rebuilding. Disasters may be inevitable, but with hospitality on display, it appears so are helping hands.

“It’s always a huge effort, depending on how widespread and localized it is, so yeah,” says Derek Rickard, Store Manager of the west side Home Depot in Evansville.

Along with his west side employees, several workers from the east side Home Depot were in the Weinbach neighborhood to help victims of the home explosion. Some homes are damaged beyond repair, however Rickard and his team decided to do whatever they could to help alleviate the burden.

“We’ve got a lot that are boarding up windows out here,” says Rickard. “A lot of the main thing we’re trying to do is just clean up the debris, the glass, all the small stuff.”

One resident receiving help, and helping Home Depot workers, was David Price. Price lives directly across the site of the explosion, and his home sustained some damage, mostly on the interior. Since the blast, Price has been working feverishly to make repairs for his home as well as his neighbors.

“I’m staying so busy, the dust hasn’t really settled for me, kind of,” explains Price. “It’ll probably sink in, but the main focus is trying to help who we can right now.”

Price works full time as a construction worker, but seeing others in need, he decided to take time off work to help his neighborhood. Price says it is not a bother to help those in need, especially given his construction background and excess materials on-hand.

“My neighbors were affected, I still had some leftover lumber from my job, stuff like that that I brought over,” says Price. “So what little I did have at that time, I went ahead and used it on my neighbor’s house and stuff like that.”

Rickard adds, “At the end of the day, it’s not about making money for our stores, but how we can impact our associates and our customers, and how we, what we stand for.”