They say its the place where dreams come true, but when it comes to the Cops Connecting with Kids program, this fourth annual trip to Disney World is so much more.

As student, teacher, and law enforcement’s relationship takes a step outside of the classroom, and city.

Something that much more meaningful for Glenwood Leadership Academy teacher, first time chaperon, and aspiring police officer, Jerrell Jackson.

“I go to his class regularly at lunch, and now we’re talking about what we’re going to do on the trip and stuff, and I think having him as a teacher that you can joke around with has really improved my grades,”said Dezmond Rembert on his favorite teacher, Mr. Jackson.

For EPD’s Sergeant Jason Cullum, Jackson, and Rembert, this journey started in the same place, but all are hoping it doesn’t end that way.

“I get very emotional with this, I grew up in the inner city of Evansville, where a lot of these kids grow up, and to be able to give back all because I’ve been able to be successful in life and have a good career, and good profession, and then to bring people together on their behalf.” said Cullum.

“I grew up in this neighborhood, and I’d like to see more of these kids get out of this neighborhood and better their lives,” said Jackson.

And no matter what the dream, Jackson says they have each other to make it come true.

 “If I were in law enforcement I’d love to take what I know inside the classroom and use it on the streets, and make the south side of Evansville a better place for kids to live,” said Jackson, “also Dezmond and I are both afraid of heights, so we’re both going to do this roller coaster ride thing together and see if we can get over our fear together.”

EPD has added an extra stop in this year’s trip, a visit to the Martin Luther King Jr memorial in Atlanta on the way back to Evansville on Sunday.