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Evansville Liquor Stores Prepared for Biggest Day of the Year

It may be the last day of the year, but New Year’s Eve is like the Super Bowl for local liquor stores.

"Well for one, we're pretty much all hands on deck for new years eve,” said Frontier Liquor Manager Michael Erdmann.

It's the day sellers of spirits, beer and wine wait for all year long.

"We work all year for this day basically. It's the busiest day of the year. We make sure everything is, you know, stocked up, and the champagne's all full,” said Varisty Liquor Manager Keena Thomas.

The volume of people walking in and out of Frontier, Varisty and Kwik Liquor is dialed way up, and so is the effort.

"There's a lot of preparation that goes on just for the last few weeks of the year,” said Kwik Liquor Owner Pawan Sooch.

The hard work is definitely worth it. More bodies in the stores means more booze off the shelves, skyrocketing sales.

"I mean they take off. Yeah, double, maybe even triple on a normal day,” Thomas said.

"I think they almost double,” Sooch said.

"New Year’s weekend, the way that it falls this year, it is set up to be an absolutely phenomenal day for sales,” said Frontier Liquor owner John McCullough.

While they love handing over bottle after bottle, Evansville's liquor merchants are also sure to hand over important advice.

"We talk to them, you know, make sure you have a ride home, you know, have a safe and happy new year, I think that's a big one,” Varisty Liquor Manager Alisha Patton said.

"You can have fun, but you got to do it safely,” McCullough said.

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