Police say a drug operation in Evansville has been disrupted after detectives arrested a felon allegedly in possession of marijuana, meth and guns.

Police say they found 40-year-old Michael Swope driving on a suspended license.

The Evansville-Vanderburgh County Joint Task Force has been interested in Swope for some time.

According to the police report, officers say half an ounce of marijuana was tossed from Swope’s car just before the stop.

A .38 caliber handgun was found in the back seat.

Swope was convicted of dealing cocaine in the late 90’s.

Inside Swope’s home on East Franklin St., detectives say they found a shotgun, ammo, a glass meth pipe, and a digital scale.

Police also arrested 43-year-old Cynthia Tibbetts.

Swope admitted he gave Tibbetts a pill bottle with meth to hide in her private area when police pulled them over.

She faces drug possession charges.