The Jacobsville area is known as Evansville Police Department’s busiest beat.
One man is making a difference to bring more positivity and giving to that area.
He began repairing bikes a few years ago. Little did he know that his small hobby would affect hundreds.
Some folks don’t have the extra money to buy a new bike for them or their kids, so they come to Lee “Goldie” Golden’s home it’s like Christmas morning.
“I think it opens people’s eyes, to know there is someone that cares about them,” said Golden.
If you look closely at Maryland Street you’ll find a man and his wife, changing the world but they won’t admit it. 
“Goldie’s no hero,” said Golden about himself.
He’s 76 years old and his rough childhood only pushed him to make a better life for his family.
“I know what poor is and hard times is. I was in a children’s home when was raised up, my mom died at seven years old,” he said. “We were so poor we couldn’t feed our roaches, they went next door.”
After retiring he kept his hands busy repairing bikes.
“I’d buy one or two and sit out and sell them.”
Golden didn’t know a lot about bike repair but knew he could make a difference somehow.
“There’s a lot of things I can’t do but a lot of things I can.”
The small hobby grew when a local pastor stopped by and brought him truckloads of bikes.
Lee fixed them up and began selling the big ones for thirty dollars while giving out the kid’s bikes at no cost.
“It’s so much pleasure to see the look on these kid’s face when they walk out of here with a bike and they don’t have to pay.”
And it’s not just the kids he’s helping.
“If they want a bike and don’t have the money, they might say ‘I don’t have but $5,’ I’m not gonna take these last $5, take the bike. It’s people like that. I’d give them any bike out there.
But the real heroes he says are the ones who help him help others.
“It’s not me, it’s the people that donate stuff they keep the wheels rolling.”
He’s fixed up and given out hundreds with hundreds left to give.
“I just love it. You’re making a difference and not trying to be a hero,” Golden said. “I’ve got a lot of room for improvement let’s put it like that and my main goal is to try to pay back before I die. And they say well Goldie help somebody. So that’s my thought.”
For Father’s Day, Golden’s son made him a sign that sits in his front yard declaring he’s “The Bike Man.”
The money he gets from some of the bikes strictly goes into buying new parts.
If you have an old bike sitting in your garage, Golden is always accepting donations, it can be old or new.
You can find Golden at 41 W. Maryland in Evansville. He says he’s always out working on bikes so feel free to bring your used bikes at any time.
(This article was originally published June 24, 2018)