EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – One hundred six candles are a lot to put on a cake, but one Evansville man celebrated in style with cake, ice cream, and a motorcycle parade. Thurman Carnal, a World War II veteran, celebrated his 106th birthday with family members, friends, and fellow residents at Solarbron Terrace.

“I expected some of it, but not all of it,” says Thurman.

Thurman also said he had never received anything like that before, and was thankful for everyone who celebrated his accomplishment. Thurman’s son, Darrell, said he is also thankful for the special motorcycle parade performed by the group Rolling Thunder.

“To have Rolling Thunder come out, they don’t do that for everybody. So it makes you feel really special,” says Darrell.

When asked about his party, Thurman said it feels like just another day. He credits making it to his 106th year to good, clean living. Darrell says still having his father around is simply a blessing.

“Only thing I can say is it’s a blessing, it’s a real blessing. How many people can say what we’ve got here. It’s a real blessing.”