EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) At least two Evansville families say they had fireworks thrown or set off in their direction last night. And in at least one case kids were very close. One of those instances was caught on camera.

One incident happened along Reis Avenue, where one family said they had a firework thrown out of a moving vehicle, with kids playing with sparklers nearby. No one was hurt, but they’re still angry about it.

A home security camera caught just before ten last night, while the Allegas were outside their home.

“I thought they were maybe slowing down because they saw people setting off fireworks, and they didn’t want their car to get hit,” explained Ashley Allega. She, and her family saw a firework thrown in their direction out the window of a moving vehicle, with the kids nearby.

“My husband just grabbed my son and just took him off that way,” she recalled. “My daughter had a little anxiety about the fireworks anyway because she heard about the child in Mount Vernon. So, she was anxious that night anyway.”

“It hit me in the shoe,” added Calaeb Hawkins, Ashley’s brother, who was also there last night. “It was a lot of sparks coming off of it. It wasn’t a small firework. It was a bigger fuse.”

The firework went off, but no one was injured. Hawkins says he tried to find the vehicle involved, but couldn’t.

“I don’t know why anyone would throw a small explosive out the window at a bunch of kids,” he said.

“It was really bright where they were setting off their sparklers, so I was pretty angry because, how do you do that?” added Allega.

Evansville Police say someone reported being hit on the arm with a firework on Washington around eleven last night in a separate incident. The Allegas ended their celebrations after what happened earlier that night.

“We were hoping they didn’t come back by, but for the safety of the children, we went ahead and took the fireworks back inside,” she said.

The Allegas add there’s no way the people in that vehicle could not have seen anyone on the street while the vehicle was going past them.

(This story was originally published on July 5, 2022)