Evansville Shooting Investigation Continues

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Last night we told you Evansville police arrested a man in connection with a weekend shooting.

The victim was shot in the face but was able to help police find her alleged shooter.

This all started on Sunday afternoon in Evansville near the intersection of First and Columbia Avenues.

Police investigators say Crystal Cash, 55,  met a man who claimed his name was Gadiell Israel.

Captain Andy Chandler with the Evansville Police Department says, “Cash said it was just a random meeting at the intersection.”

Court documents show Cash invited him into her apartment to show off her massage service website.

The man then asked to use her bathroom, but when he came out police say he shot Cash in the head.

Chandler says, “We were able to communicate in writing, Cash was able to provide a lot of good descriptors of this suspect, clothing, personal information, where they were from and name they used.”

That lead the investigation to the internet.

Chandler says, “Found information on a social media site that identified this individual as a name that he was using.”

Police say Gadiell Israel was a fake name and that the suspect was identified as Gerald Lewis, 26.

Despite being shot in the face, Cash was able to help police with pen and paper, telling officers from her hospital bed Lewis used a slur after the shooting.

Chandler says, “Lewis did use a derogatory slur, the slur in itself could be perceived to be part of a hate crime. We really don’t know as of yet.”

Police are still investigating if this is a hate crime because cash is a transgender woman.

Lewis is being charged with attempted murder, robbery and having a handgun without a permit.

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