EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Two local heroes were recognized by state police for their service, bravery and devotion to citizens of Indiana. The Indiana State Police held their annual awards ceremony Friday to award them for their accomplishments.

Trooper Tanner Hurley was selected as the “2021 Trooper of the District” by the Command Staff from the Evansville Post. Officials say he received this award through his hard work and dedication to public service. The Indiana State Police detailed several of the things Trooper Hurley did during his duty.

“He consistently keeps his commission and uniform in inspection condition and works hard throughout his shift. Trooper Hurley completed ICAC training and conducted several investigations in this area.  Trooper Hurley is a background investigator and participated in multiple PIO programs.  Trooper Hurley participated in several shop with a cop programs and youth camps.  Trooper Hurley is also a member of the Indiana State Police Honor Guard where he attended training and several details. Trooper Hurley also was awarded the ‘2021 Evansville District DUI Award’. Trooper Hurley arrested 34 impaired drivers in the 2021 year. This effort obviously assisted in saving lives and reducing the number of crashes,” shared Indiana State Police.

Trooper Hurley is a graduate of the 78th Indiana State Police Academy. Police state Trooper Hurley is married, has 1 child and lives in Vincennes Indiana. Indiana

Trooper Daltyn Backes was also recognized during the ceremony. He received the Combat Action Award for his quick action, effort, and professionalism on October 19, 2021. Indiana State Police detailed Trooper Backes’ efforts.

“Trooper Backes was off duty when a female knocked on the door at his residence.  The female advised Trooper Backes that a murder had occurred down the street and a female was kidnapped by the individuals responsible.  Trooper Backes advised dispatch of the situation and called for other units to assist him.  Trooper Backes donned his protective vest and firearms.  Trooper Backes was advised of the location of the incident and walked to the residence.  Trooper Backes waited for Vanderburgh County Deputies and Evansville Police to arrive.  Officers ordered individuals out of the residence.  The individuals were placed into custody,” police say.

“Trooper Backes observed a male subject standing inside the open doorway.  The male picked up an object off the floor that appeared to be a firearm.  The male subject charged out of the doorway with his arms extended pointing the object at officers.  Trooper Backes and other officers fired their weapons at the male stopping the threat.  It was later found that the deceased male inside the residence was tortured and beaten with a hammer.  Trooper Backes was without most of his equipment.  Trooper Backes showed bravery and quick thinking, even advising other agencies of him being in plain clothes.  Trooper Backes saved lives by stopping a threat of violence,” ISP stated.

Trooper Backes is a graduate of the 77th Indiana State Police Academy. According to state officials, Trooper Backes is married and lives in Evansville Indiana.