EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A dispute between neighbors landed one Evansville woman in jail after she allegedly hit her neighbor in the head with a gun.

On Sunday, officers state they responded to Russell Avenue to a caller saying a rifle was fired in the area. According to police, the neighbor of the 911 caller also called saying her male neighbor broke into her house with a knife and accused her of stealing. When officers arrived, they determined neither neighbor would press charges and both would separate for the night.

A short time later after 1 a.m., police state another 911 call was made involving the same neighbors. According to an EPD report, loud yelling and arguing could be heard over the phone. Police say an additional call came in stating one of the involved women was threating to pistol whip the caller with a gun. The caller then reportedly told police she was struck with the gun. When officers arrived, EPD says Emily Hines was armed in the victim’s yard with a handgun. Police state Hines did not drop the gun at first when asked to.

Police say they received differing stories of what happened that night. According to officers, the female victim and her husband told police that during the second incident, Hines and her boyfriend began knocking on their door. When they answered, an argument started and Hines allegedly threatened to pistol whip the victim, police say. Officers believe that Hines then struck the victim one time in the head with the gun.

The Evansville Police Department says Hines admitted to going to the victim’s house with a handgun due to the first incident. According to a police document, Hines said she was scared and wanted the man who came into her home to apologize. Police tell us Hines said she pushed the victim in the face, but did not strike her with a gun.

22-year-old Emily M. Hines was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on no bond. Her charges include:

  • Battery – Committed with a Deadly Weapon
  • Communication – Intimidation