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She hits the gym every Tuesday and Thursday, getting in shape for her dream wedding. 

From across the gym, you’d never know 30-year-old Kendra Creek doesn’t have arms or legs. 

“I want to show people that if you put your mind to something you really can do it,” Creek says. 

It started as a migraine headache, but quickly progressed in just a few hours to a life or death diagnosis: Bacterial Meningitis. 

“I remember waking up out of a coma and them asking me if I knew where I worked and if I knew what day it was and I thought it was February 2007 and it was May 2010,” Creek says. 

Creek was in the hospital for months, not expected to live, given only two options. 

“They told me they were going to amputate all four limbs and that if they didn’t I was going to die,” Kendra says. 

But Kendra never gave up. 

“I thought that I really wasn’t worth a lot because of my disabilities,” Kendra says. 

Despite years of being sick of feeling like she didn’t have a purpose, she’s now gaining her confidence back thanks to trainer Diana Holland at Bob’s Gym. 

“Her name is Kendra Creek and I’m like okay and he was like and she’s a quadriplegic and I was like wait, what?” Holland says. 

The two talked on the phone for an hour. 

“Heart to heart soul to soul we just clicked,” Holland says. “I had never seen her before and I was like I’m going to make all your dreams come true.”

But it was when Diana asked Kendra to describe her attitude, that she was in. 

Bob’s Gym comped Creek’s membership and package to train with Holland, as the two are learning as they go. 

“She really motivates me and she really gives me a reason to keep coming here and she just lets me know im able to do anything,” Creek says. 

“I didn’t really see her like she is I just saw her as a human being and she’s in love and wants to get married and she wants to get in shape,” Holland says. 

The scars remain under Creek’s workout clothes and sweat, trying every machine in the gym until failure. 

“Nothing that I’ve been through today is as hard as what I’ve been through before so I have to keep pushing,” Creek says. 

“The average person complains about their love handles or maybe they ate too much over the weekend she comes in saying im blessed and life is amazing,” Holland says. 

As Creek’s attitude inspires Holland, Holland inspired her right back as the two push each other to endless possibilities.

In 2011, Creek says she got a letter from the government saying she’s part of the reason the law in Indiana requires a booster shot for kids and hopes her story will prevent anyone else from going through what she did. 

Creek says she just filed for bankruptcy, but hopes to raise money for her wedding next year. 

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(This story was originally published on September 4, 2018) 

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