POSEY CO., Ind (WEHT) – The incoming solar farm to Posey County, IN will downsize, re-releasing between 1,000 and 1,500 acres from the footprint but many residents still on the other side of the fence regarding the project.

Many Posey County residents say the solar farms aren’t needed or wanted in their community. Julia Vantlin, a Posey County resident, says it’s not just about what they are trying to bring but what they will also be taking away.

“You’re taking away income from the farmers,” Vantlin said. “We’re going to have farmers go out of business because they’re going to lose the land that they’re farming to put solar panels on which are not exactly reliable.”

Downsizing from the 3,000 acres the project was originally slated for was a good step but not enough according to Vantlin.

“I think everyone in our group that’s opposed to solar is just adamant about not wasting our farmland which is our biggest resource in our area,” Vantlin said. “So for them to plan on putting even a 1,000 acres on our prime land, I think is a huge mistake.”

The conversation of solar farms has been an ongoing debate for more than a year. In some situations, the ongoing debate of the solat farm has caused a divide in families.

“There are families that are absolutely torn apart,” Vantlin said. “They’re were some people who were sweet-talked into signing up and made it sound like it was a great deal for them to sign up and later on they found out that it’s just not as good as what they had originally been told and yes it is ripping some families apart.”

In a joint statement from Arevon, Tenaska, and CenterPoint they say these solar farms will provide economic development to Posey County.