EVSC Buys Eagle Valley Golf Course for Future Expansion


EVSC announced Monday night it is buying the Eagle Valley Golf Course property.

The golf course sits on 135 acres on Petersburg Road right across from the future McCutchanville Elementary which had its groundbreaking earlier this month.

“Private and quiet, that’s why I moved here,” said Mary Leslie.

Mary Leslie has lived in Eagle Crossing for eight years. She’s seen the McCutchanville area build up house by house.

“I think wherever there is a part of land, it will get filled,” said Leslie.

But this time EVSC is the one filling the land that’s basically in her back yard.

“I was fine with it as long as they build a lower grade school so we don’t have high school kids driving around through the neighborhood fast,” said Leslie.

But her neighbor, Miranda Bertram, who just moved in, is going to miss the peace and quiet of the golf course.

“I like it out this way. I like how its just really quiet and there’s not a lot of traffic and I’m worried about it getting built up out here,” said Bertam.

Building up in this area is good for local store managers like Tracy Arndell at Buehler’s IGA.

“More businesses and schools and stuff we can get out this way were hoping that the growth level comes out this way, pushes more from Evansville down this way here,” said Arndell.

And with one school already in the works, another will only bring more business.

“That’s our hope, that the growth comes out this way and it will. It’s not going to happen overnight,” said Arndell.

That’s why EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith says they wanted the land as a possible site for a junior high school in the future.

“I don’t anticipate building a new school there soon, but we do have to plan for the future. Frankly, as that area continues to grow with housing sites…if we wait ten to fifteen years, great land available for schools probably will be at a premium,” said Dr. Smith.

Until then, the owners of Eagle Valley will continue to maintain the golf course for the next three years, then the EVSC will weigh its future options.

“We will be very, very good neighbors,” says Dr. Smith.

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